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Flight Inspection of Air Navigation Aid equipment

Fonte: site do DECEA


The inspection assesses the execution of flight profiles and checks the quality of signals from air navigation equipment or procedures, in flight, carrying out analyses, measurements and, when necessary, corrections so that they meet the predicted and designed parameters.

In-flight inspection of air navigation equipment and procedures regularly checks air navigation, approach and landing aid equipment, as well as high-precision flight procedures, ensuring quality and safety for aviation.

The Special Flight Inspection Group (GEIV) is the unit, subordinate to DECEA, whose mission is to carry out this task, in order to guarantee safe operation for aircraft in circulation in the country during all flight phases, even in meteorological conditions. adverse.

In practice it is not as simple as it seems. These operations and inspections occur as follows, after installing the equipment, the person responsible for the aerodrome asks CINDACTA (Integrated Center for Air Defense and Air Traffic Control) in the region to carry out a Ground-check, an inspection on the ground. installation of equipment. Once approved, a request is made to GEIV for Fly-check, in-flight inspection, for final approval of the equipment and release of the Airport for operation.

For the Fly-check to occur, a technical team of pilots, specific aircraft and measuring equipment are needed to assist in inspections of Air Navigation Aid equipment at all Airports in Brazil.

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